Update: 8th November 2009

Thank you to Tony McVey and all at Atlantic Scaffolding in Liverpool for this fantastic show of support and help with our campaign to find Madeleine.


Earlier this week, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) launched a special message, an appeal, to the person who knows or strongly suspects who was involved in Madeleine’s abduction. The aim of this initiative was (and still is) to prick the conscience of that person who knows and prompt them to come forward with that key piece of information which could lead to Madeleine coming home. The more people we can reach worldwide with this message, the greater the chance of us reaching that person who knows. And the more times this message reaches that person, the greater the chance of them doing the right thing and passing on the information that they have been keeping secret. With this in mind, we would like to thank everyone around the world, individuals and organisations, who have helped us by watching this special message on-line and forwarding it on to their friends, business contacts and network communities. We are once again overwhelmed and uplifted by the amazing commitment and kindness shown by the general public in our efforts to find Madeleine. The message can still be viewed, downloaded and forwarded in 7 different languages from http://www.ceop.police.uk/  We would be really grateful for your continued help.

Together, we can reach that person who knows. If you are that person, remember that it is never too late to do the right thing. This will never go away until we have found Madeleine. We love her too much. Please do the right thing by giving that information to your local police. Alternatively, please call the ‘Find Madeleine’ investigation team on +44 (0)845 838 4699 or email the team at investigation@findmadeleine.com.One email or one phone-call – and this nightmare could be over for everyone.

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