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18th August Re: ‘Madeleine Foundation’

We do not wish to dignify the actions of the so-called ‘Madeleine Foundation’ with any response. We do feel it is important, however, that the general public are made aware that the ‘Madeleine Foundation’ has no connection whatsoever with our family or those helping us to find Madeleine, including law enforcement agencies or child welfare NGO’s (non-governmental organisations). We also strongly believe that the actions of this organisation do not have Madeleine’s best interest at heart; if anything, the organisation is hindering all our efforts to find Madeleine and achieve justice.

Madeleine McCann – New Information Appeal over “Australian” Woman

efit1A witness has come forward to give the investigators currently searching for Madeleine McCann new information about a suspicious incident that took place in Barcelona in the early hours of May 7th 2007 – just over 72 hours after Madeleine was abducted whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz in Portugal.

The 41-year-old British witness was attending a party with a group of other men in the area of the Port Olimpic Marina in Barcelona. It is a busy location that is popular with both tourists and local people. The group had been visiting a number of bars and restaurants in the marina area on the evening of the May 6th 2007 and into the early hours of May 7th 2007.

At around 2.00am on May 7th, the witness became aware of a well-dressed woman, who he describes as appearing agitated. She was seen in the area of the El Rey De La Gamba restaurant-bar for some ten minutes, walking up and down.

The witness got up and walked towards the woman and had a short conversation with her. This conversation was potentially significant to the investigation. However, for strict operational reasons, the investigators will not be divulging any details of what was said to the witness.

It is as a result of this conversation that the investigators now want to trace the woman, who they believe to be possibly Australian.


Following the conversation the woman sat down in another nearby bar. A further person from the same party group also saw her there. At this bar the woman had a heated discussion with someone in what seemed to be fluent Spanish.

The woman was last seen walking away in the direction of a local hospital and the more distant ferry and cruise ship terminals.

The woman is described by the principal witness as follows:


Aged 30 to 35 years

Slim build

Short brown hair

Approximately 5″2 tall

Wearing expensive looking blue jeans and a jersey top, possibly pastel colour

Her build equated to a size 10 dress size.

The witness described her as “a bit of a Victoria Beckham look-a-like”. She spoke English with what the witness has described as “possibly an Australian” accent.  The investigators now hope the international media, in particular Australian and Spanish broadcasters, will help to distribute the attached e-fit of the woman, which has been prepared by a police artist, as widely as possible.

The British witness does not wish to be identified publicly. The investigators have already conducted some preliminary inquiries in the vicinity of the Port Olimpic Marina and are continuing to liaise with relevant police forces where necessary.

Anyone who may know the woman should contact the Madeleine McCann investigation team on +44 845 838 4699 or via the Madeleine McCann investigation email address:

General Update – 19th June 2009

There has been much reported in the media recently about Raymond Hewlett. As far as our investigators are aware, there is no evidence to link him to Madeleine –he is a person of interest to the inquiry rather than a suspect. Following the sensationalised reporting in certain sections of the media with regards to Mr Hewlett, our investigators wished to interview him in order to eliminate him from the inquiry. Despite our investigators requests via Mr Hewlett’s lawyer, their attempts to conduct an interview were unsuccessful as we were simply unwilling to pay. It is very disappointing that certain elements of the media felt it appropriate to pay a convicted paedophile (whether that be directly or indirectly) in order to obtain a ‘story’, whilst those people who are qualified to carry out such enquiries and who are genuinely looking for Madeleine were unable to do so.

On a more positive note, we have recently been planning a summer campaign in the hope that holiday-makers, travel companies and transport agencies will help us again in our search for Madeleine. So far, things are looking promising and we will soon have ‘travel packs’ available via the website for anyone willing to help in this way. We greatly appreciate the continued help and support we are receiving from the general public. It’s incredibly reassuring and uplifting that over two years down the line so many people still want to help. Without doubt, it will increase our chance of finding Madeleine.

On Tuesday evening, we took part in the Rothley & Soar Valley Lions 10K road race here in the village. Twenty of us (family and friends) wore our Madeleine t-shirts and that together with cheers of encouragement from spectators, made it all worthwhile. It was a really enjoyable evening and a fantastically well-supported event. We’re already talking about next years run! Hopefully we wont be needing to wear our t-shirts for that one.

General Update May 2009

General Update May 2009
May is obviously a difficult month for us now, with the anniversary of Madeleine’s abduction as well as Madeleine’s birthday. Despite this, it has also been a positive month in several ways, with many people once again offering their support and showing great kindness.

On May 3rd, there were special church services for Madeleine – here in Rothley, in Liverpool and in Praia da Luz. Each of these services was very well attended and described by those there as being very beautiful. In addition many other masses and prayers were offered for Madeleine on this day throughout the UK and beyond. It is a great comfort for us as a family to know that Madeleine remains so strongly in people’s thoughts and prayers.

On May 8th, Bishop Ellis Primary School (‘Madeleine’s school’) held an ‘Auction of Promises’. This was a well supported and really fun night, with over £6000 being raised for Madeleine’s Fund. Well done and many thanks to everyone who helped make this evening a success! During the same weekend, many runners taking part in a 10K race in Liverpool wore Madeleine ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ T-shirts and again a substantial amount of money was raised for the fund. Thank you! Keep going everyone – it all helps.

Following on from the Cutting Edge documentary and reconstruction -‘Madeleine was here’ – shown initially in the UK on May 7th, we have had many calls and emails coming in to our investigative team. We are really pleased with the response and currently all pieces of information are being prioritised and followed up as necessary. Again, thank you to everyone who has had the courage and compassion to come forward and pass on their information. It may only take one call or one email to unravel this ‘puzzle’, end the nightmare and hopefully bring our Madeleine home.

On Tuesday May 12th it was Madeleine’s birthday. She is now 6 years old. We had a small birthday party with close family and a few of Madeleine’s friends. She deserves to be celebrated. Hopefully next year she’ll be here to blow out her birthday cake candles herself. Madeleine’s grandma and grandad, and great aunt and uncle spent a few days at the shrine in Fatima over the period of Madeleine’s birthday and the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. They described it as a very moving experience and a good and comforting place to be at such an emotional time.

Thank you again to everyone for continuing to support us during these difficult times- for all the ‘well-wisher’ cards, letters and flowers, as well as the birthday cards and gifts sent for Madeleine. Despite the sadness of our situation, we are very aware that we are incredibly lucky to have such kind and invaluable support. Thank you.

Gerry & Kate’s Message

It is two long years since Madeleine was taken. It is two years since we were a happy family of five. The pain and anxiety does not lessen, but our determination to find our beautiful daughter remains steadfast.

We are no longer looking for a 4 year old little girl – but a 6-year-old one. This is crucial. We are hoping that the new age-progressed image of Madeleine aged 6, produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington, will help people to see what Madeleine may look like today.

On May 7th at 9pm (UK time), a televised ‘reconstruction’ of potentially significant and suspicious events from around the time that Madeleine was taken will be aired on Channel 4 in Britain. Much of this information has not been disclosed to the general public before and it is apparent that there are several highly important unanswered questions remaining. Just one of these answers could provide us with that vital piece of information that leads us to Madeleine. It is our hope that these reconstructed scenes will trigger somebody’s memory and prompt them to come forward – giving us the key piece of the jigsaw that we – and Madeleine especially -so desperately need.

Madeleine is still missing! She has the right to be back with her family. We have a responsibility to keep looking for her. We urge you – please do not give up on Madeleine.

Finally, we would like to thank everybody for their continued help and support. We know that we are not alone in our efforts to find Madeleine, or in our desire to have Madeleine back home with us where she belongs.

Thank you.


Please spare a thought for all those children who are separated from their families. If global efforts are strenghtened, more of these vulnerable, innocent children will be found.

16 May 2009: Kate and Gerry McCann and their children to sue Goncalo Amaral

Kate and Gerry McCann – together with their three children – are to sue the former Portuguese police officer Goncalo Amaral over his continuing, grossly defamatory claims that Madeleine is dead and that her parents were somehow involved in concealing their own daughter’s body.

In a statement, Kate and Gerry McCann said: “We – together with our three children Madeleine, Sean and Amelie – are taking this legal action against Goncalo Amaral over his entirely unfounded and grossly defamatory claims – made in all types of media, both within Portugal and beyond – that Madeleine is not only dead, but that we, her parents, were somehow involved in concealing her body.

“This decision has been taken to prevent any further publication of Goncalo Amaral’s deeply offensive book “The Truth Of The Lie”, his so-called television ‘documentary’ and any repetition of his disgraceful thesis that we are somehow involved in the disappearance of our much loved daughter, Madeleine.

“The primary reason for our legal action is simple: to stop any negative effect that these absurd and deeply hurtful claims may be having on the ongoing search for Madeleine. We can no longer stand back and watch as Mr Amaral tries to convince the entire world that Madeleine is dead. Nor can we allow this blatant injustice to Madeleine, with its obvious risk of hindering our attempts to find her, to continue.

“Mr. Amaral’s entirely unjustified claims have not only brought indescribable devastation and suffering to our lives, they have hugely compounded the already immense pain and anxiety we have endured since Madeleine’s abduction.

“Our three children are joint complainants in this action because of the detrimental effect Mr Amaral’s continued assertions will undoubtedly have on their future lives. Sean and Amelie require protection as they prepare to start school this autumn. Madeleine requires protection from those who are obstructing the possibility of her being found.”

15th May 2009 Reconstruction update

There has been a huge response to the reconstruction shown on May 7th and we thank you for all the information recieved. Our investigation team are working through all this information and they will recontact where it is necessary to obtain further information.

If you have contacted us through the anonymous message board and are happy to be contacted please pass your information to

Once again thank you for not giving up on Madeleine.

On Sunday 3rd May 2009

sunderlandsEverton and Sunderland Football Clubs kindly helped us -once again – to remind everyone about Madeleine and the fact that she is still missing. The football community as a whole has helped us hugely over the last two years and we are so grateful for this show of support and solidarity across all clubs and colours. It is incredibly uplifting to have so many supporters with all the passion and pride they display, standing by Madeleine and willing her home. Thank you!

Message from Gerry and Kate

As the second anniversary of Madeleine’s abduction approaches, there is much still to be done. We continue to remain focussed on our aim – to find Madeleine and bring her back home safely. As Madeleine’s parents we cannot and will not ever stop doing all we can to find her.

The search for Madeleine continues with the same strength and determination, and thankfully, there are many people who are continuing to help in a variety of ways. The reduction in media reporting does not signify a lack of effort – far from it! If anything, the search for Madeleine goes on with renewed vigour and great experience. We have quietly and persistently been working very hard – exploring all possible avenues in order to get that key piece of information. Someone somewhere knows where Madeleine is.

It is impossible for us to ignore the day to day heartache of missing Madeleine but there is however, a very important and positive fact that remains…. In spite of all the investigative work done, there is still absolutely nothing to suggest harm to Madeleine and therefore, a very real likelihood that Madeleine is alive and well. You only have to recall the cases of Elizabeth Smart, Shawn Hornbeck and Natascha Kampusch to appreciate that children can seem to disappear ‘off the radar’ for very long periods of time. The return of these children to their families not only gives us great hope but also starkly emphasises that perseverance is essential, and surely what every such child deserves.

It is vital that we never, ever give up on Madeleine.

Can you imagine a little girl or boy out there, hoping and waiting to be found but for people then to ‘write them off’, forget about them, just because there’s been no ‘news’? For that child never to be reunited with their family because everyone had given up on them? Just imagine……………………….

And so, we will never, ever give up.

We urge you to remember Madeleine as a real, living and findable little girl.

Our most sincere thanks go everyone who is helping us in our efforts. You know why we must keep going.

Please don’t give up on Madeleine.

Press Release 23rd March 2009

On the 3rd May 2007, 3yr old Madeleine McCann was abducted from the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. Since then, despite extensive enquiries Madeleine is still missing.

It is almost two years since Madeleine McCann disappeared and there is good reason to believe that she is still alive. Madeleine’s family and friends will never give up hope.

At the time of Madeleine’s disappearance the emphasis was placed more on international appeals and it has been recognised that the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give.

The purpose of the current campaign is to do just that; ask the local Portuguese residents for information to help to find Madeleine.

Experience shows that the crucial answers are in the immediate vicinity. Someone in the area could almost certainly have the vital information that could help Madeleine’s return to her family, or a combination of people all coming forward with a single piece of information could piece together vital clues which could solve the disappearance.

Experience also shows that people almost always confide in someone else. Someone in Praia da Luz may have been given information that should be passed on and now is the perfect opportunity to do just that. If anyone has information of any kind, do the right thing and pass it on so that Madeleine McCann can go home.

The campaign is about finding Madeleine. Her family hope and believe that local residents can be a very real help. It goes without saying that they would forever be indebted to anyone who had that vital piece of information.

Over the next couple of weeks in the Lagos and Luz areas residents will see posters, billboards and advertisements. Leaflets will be distributed in towns and local markets and there will also be a mailing sent to local homes appealing for help.

It should be stressed that any information given will be treated with the utmost confidence. Information can be given anonymously by telephone, email, text and freepost.