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  1. Rachael Majury

    I often try to imagion how i would cope if one of my children were to be taken away from me,and for that split second i feel sick to my stomach,you are incredible people to have the strenght to keep going.There is not a single day that passes that i dont think and pray for your little girl, I believe she is still alive i have no reason to believe otherwise.I wish there was something i could do to help.god bless you all,keep strong.x

  2. Don Westlake

    i just want to say who in their right mind would leave a 4 year old alone in an apartment in a strange country. very irresponsible or they wanted her to be taken. Gerry looks very suspicious

  3. kayla

    I agree with Dom! 100% none of us knows what really happens but that documentry of your daughters “abduction”. The smiths family saw you carrying her to the beach as they said right? You guys had no emotions after what you may or may not have done to your own daughter! I do believe SOMEONE or people are trying to protect you and they are doing it very well, IF IT WAS MY DAUGHTER i would of never left her alone with the doors unlocked ! its to suspicious TELL THE TRUTH !

  4. Amy

    could you ask Kate a few Questions for me and give me some awnsers thankyou
    1 who is Pat Brown?
    2 why did you refuse to answer 48 questions in the police interview?
    3 do you think the abducter got in through the window?

    please give me some answers

    i wont give up on your daughter and i would also like to by your book kate about Madeleine.

  5. Blah

    I honestly think it was the parents.Like who leaves kids under the age of 5 in a room in a vacation in a new country?!My parents wont let me stay alone in are own home.I dont understand on why you would think its safe.And i am confused on what storys you guys say to police.I am heart broken but it is very rare to be abducted by a stranger.Its common to get abducted by family/friends.Ever since the documentary you make those faces like oh im lying.And how could you go on?You never even searched for your daughter.I hope She is found fine and well and healthy.
    I hope if it was not you,you is with people who treat her as there own.

  6. RPersson

    I have had reasons to analyse dangerous people all sorts. They are complex individuals. Without theese
    experiences it is hard to understand how a person with a sociopathic and psychopatic personality are thinking. It is such persons who has taken the girl. The parents are mentally healthy and good individuals. The humankind are connected to each other so I am sure that positive thoughts helps. You will see. FP

  7. Anon

    The evidence which has been sabotaged by the mccanns points to guilty parents who selfishly left 3 very young children alone in a foreign country – inexcusable . Then the dogs yes the dogs have acknowledged death in the apartment and the hire car which the mccanns dispute which makes me very suspicious if you didn’t know the truth wouldn’t you be eager to find out, they only go with story maddie was abducted – how much time has been wasted and they are pushing for money all the time – egotistical people won’t take a fall and will lie to cover their wrong doings. 99% of people believe they covered up her death! Justice will be done in this life or their next. There has been another cover up by uk officials.

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